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Even Abisona blogged about it

I used to think GEJ...never mind
Seriously, Yoma, my cousin and friend, (don't ask me how) asked me to design an e-flyer for a project we (d-xtreme unit foundation) were working on last year 2011 - "SAPELE LIBRARY BOOK-DRIVE 2011". The design had two major objectives starting from the CORE OBJECTIVE;  1. To Create mass awareness (Home and Abroad), and  2. To Inspire people to donate generously till we hit our minimum target (1000 Books).
I had to do this in less than 4hours. JESUS!!! I felt like I had used ALL my lifelines...phew! Eventually, after some painful pleasures with my "sweetheART" I arrived at this; EUREKA!!!!! And truly this was "my first KISS".

Yoma applauded the design and blogged about it immediately.
After about one week, we had over 4 leading Nigerian bloggers, including Abisona, and Gbenga Sesan (with international footage) requesting to blog about t…

Honestly... that was exactly how it happened.

It all started with a simple Phone Call....
At first it was slow, and freshly soft pink, but then it became hot pink as we kept at it. I can't tell if it was due to the intense heat in the room that day, but it became "hot pink". At that point, I couldn't hold back anymore, it was as though I became possessed by "her voice" whispering sweetly, instructing me as she held me close. The last thing I remembered before we climaxed was that she was warm and freshly soft pink. We went on until we eventually arrived at this...

Whao! I honestly can't explain how I arrived at this identity design, because I literally heard "her voice" instructing me on everything to do. Sorry, I didn't introduce "her" earlier; she's my muse for all time - please meet "my heART".
Kunle Ilori Life Foundation, was established and incorporated in Nigeria in memory of the late Rev. Adekunle Ilori of blessed memory, to simply "TOUCH A WIDOW"…

My ‘first kiss’

A friend of a friend would always say, “Uyi, you will never change.” Hmmm…but it’s true; I still love kisses and more kisses, and I still love them for FREE, whether the French kiss or dutch kiss, it all feels yummy you know.

It is interesting to see people giggle over the memories of their first times; they just love those tender moments. Like when they said their ‘first word’ as a baby, or made their ‘first day’ at school, had their ‘first date’, and winked at their ‘first crush’ you know, the list can be endless. In all these, I came to realize that first things (starting) are not clear pointers to the genius within (ending), as the saying goes, “it is not how well you started, but how well you finish”, but of course there’s a “start”.

However, first things turn out to be perfect pointers to the genius within, especially in designs (definitely not in business ideas). You know like the ‘first word’ you hear when writing a poem, or like the ‘first thought’ that pops in your head when y…

My Night Mare

It’s always scary how it happens again and again, and again, and often lingers like it was meant to stay. I go through it daily and most times alone. I often think it’s a curse and a blessing more like the combo of pain and pleasure, sacrifice and reward, faith and works.

You know how it is when you just did a great job at a design or a praise/worship session or at a presentation and you actually get rewarded accordingly, either in cash, or with a “well-done brother!” and the likes, and then just as you’re about digesting these accolades, you receive a call saying, “I saw your job the other day, and I’d like you to do something like that for me” and right in the middle of the call, your heart skips “10 beats”…lol…. It’s scary because in the first place, 80% of how you achieve excellence is via inspiration, which in many cases isn’t a “yellow-brick road”; according to the “Wizard of Oz.”

At every time I face this “music” I lose myself for some minutes, and sometimes even days. I still do…