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Even Abisona blogged about it

I used to think GEJ...never mind
Seriously, Yoma, my cousin and friend, (don't ask me how) asked me to design an e-flyer for a project we (d-xtreme unit foundation) were working on last year 2011 - "SAPELE LIBRARY BOOK-DRIVE 2011". The design had two major objectives starting from the CORE OBJECTIVE;  1. To Create mass awareness (Home and Abroad), and  2. To Inspire people to donate generously till we hit our minimum target (1000 Books).
I had to do this in less than 4hours. JESUS!!! I felt like I had used ALL my lifelines...phew! Eventually, after some painful pleasures with my "sweetheART" I arrived at this; EUREKA!!!!! And truly this was "my first KISS".

Yoma applauded the design and blogged about it immediately.
After about one week, we had over 4 leading Nigerian bloggers, including Abisona, and Gbenga Sesan (with international footage) requesting to blog about t…