Honestly... that was exactly how it happened.

It all started with a simple Phone Call....

At first it was slow, and freshly soft pink, but then it became hot pink as we kept at it. I can't tell if it was due to the intense heat in the room that day, but it became "hot pink". At that point, I couldn't hold back anymore, it was as though I became possessed by "her voice" whispering sweetly, instructing me as she held me close. The last thing I remembered before we climaxed was that she was warm and freshly soft pink. We went on until we eventually arrived at this...

Whao! I honestly can't explain how I arrived at this identity design, because I literally heard "her voice" instructing me on everything to do. Sorry, I didn't introduce "her" earlier; she's my muse for all time - please meet "my heART".

Kunle Ilori Life Foundation, was established and incorporated in Nigeria in memory of the late Rev. Adekunle Ilori of blessed memory, to simply "TOUCH A WIDOW" by offering Upliftment, Care and Hope in 'our' simple way. Bottom line, via their mentorship programme, they seek to transform the poor African Widows they 'sign up' into multi-millionaires within 24 months (THIS IS FOR REAL!).

The logo inspiration is premised on the life's journey of the butterfly, from the "caterpillar in the cocoon to the gorgeous butterfly". Note also that the beautiful butterfly NEVER EVER returns to the cocoon, but daily lives freely expressing it's "coat of many colours" - this explains the water fountain springing from the 'Life'.
The intriguing thing for me about the identity design is seen in the arrangement of the name/texts. if you look more keenly at the logo, you'd notice something.

What they stand for and promise - upLIFTment - is actually INHERENT in their name. WHAO! It really pays off to follow "My 'First Kiss'". And trust me when I say, I enjoyed every bit of "her soft voice" caressing my finger tips.
Thank you for reading. And honestly, that's exactly how it happened.


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