My ‘first kiss’

A friend of a friend would always say, “Uyi, you will never change.” Hmmm…but it’s true; I still love kisses and more kisses, and I still love them for FREE, whether the French kiss or dutch kiss, it all feels yummy you know.

It is interesting to see people giggle over the memories of their first times; they just love those tender moments. Like when they said their ‘first word’ as a baby, or made their ‘first day’ at school, had their ‘first date’, and winked at their ‘first crush’ you know, the list can be endless. In all these, I came to realize that first things (starting) are not clear pointers to the genius within (ending), as the saying goes, “it is not how well you started, but how well you finish”, but of course there’s a “start”.
Follow your heART.

However, first things turn out to be perfect pointers to the genius within, especially in designs (definitely not in business ideas). You know like the ‘first word’ you hear when writing a poem, or like the ‘first thought’ that pops in your head when you see an image/picture, they are like the ‘first kiss’ of your life; they always CHANGE the game. So, rather than beat about the bush, I simply follow my heart’s ‘first kiss’ and even if I get to do ten other designs, my clients mostly choose my ‘first design’. I say that with a sharp 99.7% assurance from experience well over two decades now. Don’t ask me how, because I still don’t know how it happens.

Well, Jane said it all; “If you follow your heart, your 'first kiss' would always be a moment to cherish for a lifetime.”


  1. Thanks Ngozi for your honest words. I hope you enjoy many more posts on my blogsite. Cheers!


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