My Night Mare

It’s always scary how it happens again and again, and again, and often lingers like it was meant to stay. I go through it daily and most times alone. I often think it’s a curse and a blessing more like the combo of pain and pleasure, sacrifice and reward, faith and works.

You know how it is when you just did a great job at a design or a praise/worship session or at a presentation and you actually get rewarded accordingly, either in cash, or with a “well-done brother!” and the likes, and then just as you’re about digesting these accolades, you receive a call saying, “I saw your job the other day, and I’d like you to do something like that for me” and right in the middle of the call, your heart skips “10 beats”…lol…. It’s scary because in the first place, 80% of how you achieve excellence is via inspiration, which in many cases isn’t a “yellow-brick road; according to the Wizard of Oz.”

At every time I face this “music” I lose myself for some minutes, and sometimes even days. I still don’t know exactly how I get over it though, but one thing I know that has been consistent is to just act like the past never happened. It’s crazy I know, but that’s exactly how “I press on towards the mark of the prize of the high calling…forgetting the things that are past and looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of my faith.” You know what; I’ve always dwarfed my previous successes in life. I think you should give hope a chance every day.


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